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The Barn
Tanque Verde Ranch

Design+engineering, fabrication+build of timber frame structure+interior+exterior millwork.                                                                                   Tucson, AZ

Baer Joinery was initially contacted to provide reclaimed timbers for a 17,000 square foot timber frame event center project. After becoming acquainted with design and engineering parameters as well as the project budget, it was determined that reclaimed material would not be feasible. New timber sourced through conventional channels also placed the project beyond reach and the project’s viability came into question. Looking for value-engineering opportunities, we undertook the task of 3D modeling the entire building.

With a better understanding of the engineering requirements and a precise cut list, we began searching for a source for timbers that were within budget and sufficiently dry to build with on TVGR’s timeline.

Through a network of craftspeople, we found a small, family run sawmill in Colorado that was engaged in removing standing-dead, beetle-kill pine; dry enough to use and direct-from-mill for a lower cost. While we were not asked to create a 3D model or to go searching for unique material—this effort is what allowed this six-million dollar project to move forward for Tanque Verde Ranch and for the many contractors who contributed to the successful build.


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